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About Us

Our Vision

AeroVision Avionics, Inc. (AAI) was incorporated in 1997, our vision is to be the most professional manufacturing service provider and system integrator in aviation, railway and other transportations.

Our Successful Cases

AAI provides customized products to meet customer particular requirements, we are proud that our solutions are not only certified by customers, but also installed in various end user applications, such as Seat/Retract displays in Boeing and Airbus civilian airplanes, Infotainment System in First Great Western Railway, Queensland and Perth railways, the high speed trains of the Saudi Arabia Railways, and Seatback Displays in Mercedes-Benz.

Our Strengths

  1. We have abundant project management service experience.
  2. Our development team has over 20 years of experience in RISC Embedded Platform.
  3. We are familiar with the rolling stock EN50155, aviation DO-160 and automobile ISO 7637 testing and verification regulations and methods.
  4. We provide customers long term product support, hardware obsolete design modification, software bug fixed and up-grade service.

Why AAI ?

In recent years, we also concentrated in the development of edge computing technology in the application of smart retailing and manufacturing. This helps us to optimize our design and build capacity to provide you with the best system. We can therefore provide you with a total solution for your requirements, be it air, rail, road, water transport or application of smart life, as such, we believe AAI is your best choice.

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