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HW Platform & SW Service

We provide the service of Hardware Platform for:
●  Turnkey solution for hardware platform (NXP, MediaTek, Rockchip, Microchip, …)
●  Expert in circuit design, build PCB and PCBA boards, EMC solutions
●  Design verification test, formal qualification test

Also, AAI software engineers have years of experience in embedded system. We are expert in BSP, device drivers, and application development for both Linux and Android systems.
●  BSP: provide specific support code for required IO and peripherals in bootloader, kernel, and user space.
●  Device drivers: make specified devices operate well or be accessible in user space applications.
●  HAL: in Android, we may need to implement hardware abstract layer to make device accessible to Android system and
      applications, such like inertia sensors, light sensors, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.
●  Application: background application to monitor sensors, operate with IO, peripherals, and interact with other applications.
      Foreground application or user interface application to interact with user.
●  We provide software development service, documentation, and related libraries (SDK).


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