Armrest Type RF LCD TV In-Train Personal Entertainment System Sleeper Train VOD System with Wall Mount 15 inch LCD Display
In-Train Entertainment System for Sleeper Train Carriage Fleet Management In-Train Smart Entertainment System

In-Train Entertainment System for Sleeper Train Carriage
Sleeper train is a special kind of train carriage that the passenger can have more space when stay at train. AAI provides entertainment system that specially design for the sleeper train carriages. With this entertainment system, the passenger can use the IR remote controller to select the video programs similar to watch the TV programs when stay at hotel. This kind of passenger experience can make the sleeper train quite different!
This sleeper train VOD system installed on the UK First Great Western Night Riviera sleeper carriage, and began commercial run since 2008. This sleeper train provided the service between London and Plymouth. This sleeper train VOD system also won the innovation and excellence award at the Rail Interiors Expo 2009 annual award.
System Structure  
  • Armrest type 6.5 inch RF LCD TV display
  • Inter-carriage RF cable wiring
  • Support PA announcement and status detect

System Products  
Installation Pictures  
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