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In Seat LCD Display Touch Screen Control Panel
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Touch Screen Control Panel
As the evolution of the seat display from the traditional RF LCD display to networking VOD system, the entertainment system requires the seat display to be more and more functional powerful. Instead of having a seat box with the control CPU board inside under the seat, the new generation of seat display put everything together inside the seat display. It is not only a commercial panel PC, but integrate much more functions, and limited to much more low power consumption, much more robust in operation and much more low cost from generation to generation. The smart display simply means the LCD displays that include the CPU control board inside and provide networking capability. The smart display is the core technology for nowadays entertainment system development.
  7'' Touch Screen Control Panel  
  The Network Control Panel is a touch screen control panel that can be installed inside airplane cabin as a graphical control interface for certain system. The control panel provides Ethernet interface and GPIO control interface for system integration. Also, in the front panel, it provides RJ-45 Ethernet and USB maintenance windows. The control panel can support Microsoft Window CE or the Linux operation system platform.
  • 7 inch LCD display with 5-wire touch screen
  • RMI AU1250 CPU platform
  • Support Microsoft Windows CE or Linux
  • DC 28V Input
  • Design based on DO-160 requirement
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