VIA Eden/Naco CPU with vx800 SBC 3.5 inch Freesacle i.MX515 SBC
Netlogic Alchemy AU1250 SBC Netlogic Alchemy AU1350 SBC
Intel Atom Z5Xopt with US15WPT SBC
Multimedia Single Board Computer
AAI provides both the RISC (MIPS and ARM core) and the x86 (VIA CPU and Intel CPU) platform 3.5 inch single board computer (SBC). Those SBCs all support good hardware video codec and thus we call also call those SBCs the multimedia single board computer.
These SBCs are also designed to support industrial grade temperature range, which are intended to install on vehicle or high temperature variation range environment.
Intel Atom Z5Xopt with US15WPT Single Board Computer
  • Industrial grade extended temperature range CPU and Chipset
  • Intel Z5x0P/Z5x0PT Extended Temperature CPU with US15WP/US15WPT Extended Temperature SCH
  • US15W SCH build-in hardware video codec, support H264/VC1 up to 720p resolution.
  • VGA/LCD output support up to 1080p.
  • Board level power consumption only 6W
  • Fan-less and rugged design
  • Support Linux 2.6 kernel and Windows XP Embedded, Windows 7
CPU and Chipset Intel Atom Z5xOP/Z5xOPT with US15WP/US15WPT large package for extended temperature range application
Memory One SODIMM socket support DDR2 SDRAM up to 2GB SDRAM
I/O Connectors
Storage CF Card socket, SATA connector, SD card pin connector
USB Two USB2.0 type A external connectors, 4 internal pin connectors
Audio HD-Audio
LAN 10/100/1000 Mbps
GPIO Multiple GPIO pins
LVDS One channel 24-bits LVDS connector
TTL 18/24 bits TTL interface
Touch Screen Build in 4/5/8 wire resistive touch screen controller
Mechanical Dimension
Size 3.5 inch (146x102 mm/5.7"x4")
Operation Temperature 0-70° ¢XC
Power Input 12 V
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