AeroVision Avionics Inc. (AAI) was incorporated in 1997 to pursue business in the area of avionics and in-flight entertainment (IFE). Its core competitiveness consists of systems engineering and integration of information entertainment systems for passenger cabins of civil aviation. AAI is an ISO 9001 certified company located in Hsinchu Science Park , Taiwan. Currently, AAI has nine departments, Sales & Marketing I, , Sales & Marketing II, Research & Development I, , Research & Development II, Operations, General Administration, Quality Assurance, Financial accounting and Security.

Over the past ten years, AAI has progressively built up its marketing and technical experience. We are not only capable in in-flight entertainment of LRU design, testing, and manufacturing, but also confident that our designs and products are reliable with maintainability according to FAA certified testing procedures. Being a preferred supplier of many IFE systems providers in the world for over ten years further affirms that AAI is capable of developing and producing in-flight entertainment products. Moreover, AAI has even expanded the field to railway by delivering the Train Information and Entertainment System (TIES) in 2001.

In the future, AAI will sustain existing customers and aggressively develop new products to meet our customer's needs in both aviation and ground transportation areas. By diversifying the business direction in different fields, we look forward to offering more support and service to customers.


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