01 / 2014Cut in the IOT networking market, develop the intelligent life, health care and other smart devices and applications.

07 / 2013AAI pass the Europen train assessment,become a qualified supplier.

05 / 2013Cut in Imx6 single board computer technology and develop embedded industrial computer control applications.

11 / 2012AAI Acquired the operation license of the "Telecommunications Controlled Radio and Television Equipment" issued by NCC.

10 / 2012AAI awarded AS9100 Aviation Quality Management System Certification.

08 / 2012The completion of the regional flight "Micro Inflight Entertainment System" development acquired Science Park Research Subsidy Scheme approved.

06 / 2011

AAI and Chung Hua University jointly applied to Science Park Research Subsidy Scheme with the

program of "Micro Inflight Entertainment System".

02 / 2010AAI Train entertainment system successfully installed in British First Great Western high-speed train.

11 / 2009AAI “Structure Innovation of Automatic deployed Retractor for Air cabin” project pass Ministry of Economic Affairs SBIR(Small Business Innovation Research) Subsidy Scheme.

01 / 2009 15 "VOD entertainment system successfully cut into the British sleeper train market.

07 / 2008 Capitalization of profit, total net capital reached NT$379 millions.
09 / 2007 Reduce capital stock by offsetting company loss and paying money back to the shareholders. Total net capital reached NT$ 324 millions.
08 / 2005 Phased into Bus Entertainment System applicable markets, to provide full multimedia video entertainment service functions to related passengers.
03 / 2003 Increase by NT $40 millions, total net capital reached NT $540 millions.
03 / 2003 Board meeting passed investment plan in network and communication related field.
Formed network and communication business unit to pursue business in this field.
11 / 2002 AAI awarded certification of ISO-9001 version 2000.
07 / 2002 10.4" retractable LCD monitor passed the certification test and rolled into production phase.
12 / 2001 Strove to cooperate with Boeing and system factories to develop and install Safety Monitor System Equipment in passenger cabins. The project for development of 10.4" in-flight retractable LCD monitor awarded financial funding approval from Industrial Bureau of Ministry of Economy of Taiwan.
05 / 2001 Completed design and production of the first in-train entertainment product.
12 / 2000 Finished the last technology transfer with RCPS: System Controller; closed the Technology Professional Project of passenger cabin led by Industrial Technology Research Institute.
10 / 2000 Signed agreement with Queensland Railroad Alliance of Australia to develop the first in-train entertainment system to their Cairn Tilt Train; provided multi-channel video transmission and seat-side video devices to each seat.
03 / 2000 AAI awarded ISO-9001 certification
12 / 1999 New product plan review for 10.4" in-flight retractable LCD monitor in passenger cabin led by the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economy, Taiwan.
03 / 1999 Increase of $200 million NT in capital, bringing total net capital to $500 Million NT.
02 / 1999 Successful development of the first two products - video distribution unit (VDU) and 8.4" seat display unit (SDU); passed the certification test of Boeing RTCA/DO-160C and met the product design requirements of Rockwell Collins' Passenger System.
07 / 1998 Application Registration to the Hsinchu Technology Science Park approved.
05 / 1998 Delivery of first OEM cabin in-seat displays.
10 / 1997 Increase of $280 Million NT in capital, bringing the total net capital to $300 Million NT.
07 / 1997 Signed a three party Technology Transfer Agreement and Memorandum with Hughes Avicom (later became RCPS) and ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) to open into a new era for the Aero-electronics market.
02 / 1997 Company founded with a capital of $20 Million NT.

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